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Foundational and advanced learning in Scripture, theology, and ethics in the mode of confessional Reformed catholicity. Opportunities for students, clergy, scholars-in-training, and sabbatical study.

Study with an outstanding faculty of leading scholars and seasoned churchmen to discover the Greystone way. Participate in rigorous learning and constructive theology in the community of faith, hope, and love. Join the work driven by Greystone’s commitment to the authority of the Bible as Holy Scripture and to the ecclesial context–historically and presently–for advancing Christian theology.

Rigorous Content

Raising the bar on theological education and widening the reach of critical retrieval and constructive ressourcement through the cultivation of rich intellectual communities. Greystone’s rapidly growing library of courses, programs, and events serve students, schools, and churches around the world.

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Intuitive Technology

Greystone’s simple and superior Pathwright online educational platform allows Greystone to reach an international community of students and scholars with top-tier content while retaining Greystone’s focus on communal learning and collaboration. Rich, engaging content with group and individual learning options combine with an intuitive, easy format for maximal effectiveness. Ask us how.