Philip Haines

Director of Greystone Cardiff Bio

Welcome to Greystone Cardiff

Greystone Cardiff embodies an important facet of Greystone’s vision: the churchly context for rigorous study, hearty fellowship, and fruitful service. In partnership with Ely Presbyterian Church (Reformed) in Cardiff, Wales, Greystone Cardiff is able to weave together, seamlessly and effectively, the deeply related tasks of theological training, continuing education, and liturgical and communal life.

A word from Philip Haines, the Director of Greystone Cardiff and Minister at Ely Presbyterian:

At Ely Presbyterian Church (Reformed), where Greystone Cardiff is based, we have been long convinced of the importance for ministers to continue theological training for the sake of their ministry and for the sake of the flock to whose care they are called. Owing to a lack of Reformed contexts in which to pursue such aims, much of that work has taken place within secular institutions. We also acknowledge that engaging in such labours for ministers and churches alone, in the midst of a busy weekly church life, may seem impossible.

In light of these challenges, we are delighted to partner with Greystone Theological Institute. Greystone is committed to advancing biblical, theological, and ethical study in the Reformed confessional tradition for the benefit of ministers and their churches. At Greystone Cardiff, courses will be delivered by Fellows and Lecturers at the top of their respective fields committed to theological substance and rigorous learning. These lectures will be supplemented with ongoing discussion in the classroom and around the dinner table throughout the week. Once a year, a conference will be held for the wider church community on historical, ethical, or culturally relevant issues. These courses and conferences will all take place at the Ely church in the context of a warm, welcoming, and worshipping community.

Our aim, in involving ourselves in such a worthy endeavour, is that the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ might grow in strength in Cardiff, Wales, the United Kingdom, and beyond. Soli Deo Gloria.

Greystone Cardiff Seasonal Study Weekend

Contact Ely Presbyterian and the Rev. Haines or the staff at Greystone to learn about the inaugural Greystone Cardiff event on 6-7 October: a Greystone Seasonal Study Weekend remembering the Reformation with a series of talks and conversations regarding the place of Reformed worship in personal and communal formation. The schedule is as follows:

Friday, 6 October
19:00 Welcome
19:30 Lecture 1 Worship and the Re-formation of the Body of Christ
20:30 Refreshments

Saturday, 7 October
09:00 Refreshments
09:30 Welcome and Introduction to Greystone Cardiff
10:00 Lecture 2 Not Like Egypt: Sabbath as Counter-cultural Resistance
11:00 Discussion time
11:30 Refreshments
12:00 Lecture 3 The Peace of Jerusalem: Sabbath as Liberating Alternative
12:45 Discussion time
13:15 Fellowship over lunch