About Greystone

Greystone Theological Institute is a collaborative effort in Reformed theological education and training in ministry and scholarship. With a focus on service in the region of western Pennsylvania, Greystone also resources scholarship and ministerial formation at the postgraduate level at select satellite sites in the United States and internationally through a combination of regular intensive on-site courses and online courses and events. It seeks to enrich the educational mission of the Church in the tradition of confessional Reformed catholicity, foster theological collaboration, and share resources in order to advance learning; to strengthen teaching, learning and research; and to maximize the stewardship of scholarly resources for Church and academy.

Quick Facts

  • Established in 2015
  • An IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization
  • Located in Coraopolis, PA on the west side of Pittsburgh, 10 minutes from Pittsburgh Airport
  • Credential Programs: various 3-module credentials in focused research areas, and the full 6-module Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS), which is the equivalent of a rigorous ThM/MTh program
  • Commitments: personal mentorship in research and ministerial training, academic rigor in the study of Holy Scripture in its original languages and canonical unity, constructive systematic, moral, and pastoral theology, all in the mode of confessional Reformed catholicity
  • Purpose: advanced study, training in scholarship, ministerial refreshment, fellowship in theology, and collaboration in fresh work in Scripture, theology, and ethics
  • Affiliation: Unaffiliated with a particular church or academic institution, Greystone partners with other academic and ministerial organizations in the pursuit of our shared goals, and serves churches and their governing bodies especially within the Reformed tradition

Our Role

Greystone has been formed to serve three needs:

  1. To resource and contribute to the advance of Reformed theology through research and training
  2. To help form the next generation of scholars by bridging the gap between seminary or divinity school education and research degree programs, and by complementing existing programs with elective course offerings
  3. To encourage the continuing education and edification of area clergy through the provision of library and study space, fellowship events, and a regular cycle of advanced courses in biblical, theological, and ethical study

“But I pass by all such matters and the elaborate ornaments of profane oratory; and I take no account of style or of delivery; even if a man’s diction be poor and his composition simple and unadorned, let him not be unskilled in the knowledge and accurate statement of doctrine; nor in order to hide his own sloth, deprive that holy apostle [Paul] of the greatest of his gifts, and the sum of his praises.”
~ Chrysostom

The Greystone Way

SCRIPTURE: Greystone is committed to the patient, responsible, and meticulous exegesis of Holy Scripture as the priority of Reformed theology and ministry. With all the rigor of current, quality biblical studies, Greystone seeks to recover the notion and function of the Bible as “Holy Scripture” which determined the Church’s relationship to biblical text until the modern era. With a firm eye to the theological reality of the canon, the history of interpretation, and contemporary advances in biblical scholarship, Greystone’s approach to biblical text is designed to foster humility, delight, and confidence in the ever-rich Word.

LANGUAGES: To help redress the neglect of the primary languages of Scripture and the tradition in schools and in the practice of ministry, Greystone has made language acquisition and use a defining feature of the Greystone way.  Without these language tools in hand, there is no prospect of a meaningful and productive catholicity in reading and proclaiming Scripture. Thus, for the successful completion of a Certificate program, Greystone requires facility not only in biblical Hebrew and biblical Greek but also in Latin.

RESEARCH: Greystone believes the Church and the world need the continuing work of constructive theology, and that excellence in theological scholarship must be recovered and encouraged. Among Greystone’s chief goals is the formation and training of responsible, productive scholars who are able to lead the way of fuller understanding through a life of research in the primary texts of Scripture and the Christian tradition.

THEOLOGY: Greystone exists to aid clergy, ministerial trainees, research students, and others in the sacred task of thinking God’s thoughts after him. Greystone is unabashedly committed to theology in the way of Christ – as a form of humble dependence, in thought and action, upon the God who speaks the living truth by Word and Spirit.

REFORMED CATHOLICITY: Greystone believes the confessional tradition of Reformed Christianity is deeply and broadly catholic, afraid neither of the tradition nor of fresh proposals, and rooted strongly in the “norming norm” of Scripture. Greystone recognizes the most faithful mode of theological study as one which operates in the spirit of that catholicity. Greystone courses explore the vast terrain of old and new biblical, historical, and theological questions in the structured and guided liberty of that catholicity.